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Thursday, 7 February 2013

Some of my Favorite Jewellery

Here's some of my Jewellery that I would like to share/show it with you. Do give your comments on how you like my collection. So lets get started...

To start with, all of us know this owl was so much in fashion some time back. So to keep up with the trend, I also bought some different types of owl.. Out of them, this one is my favorite. It has a long chain attached to it. My this piece is hardy enough and also is of good quality. I generally pair it up with my mono-colored tops. I bought this from Dakshinapan, Dhakuria of Kolkata. Price: Rs.120/- 

This one's my another favorite. The set is of silver and Pearl. I absolutely love this. Though I cannot pair it with any top or kameez, but still, this looks very classy, elegant, chic with Handloom or any sober saris which are another hit in the present market. In Kolkata, handloom saris are selling like hot cakes.

This was absolutely an random buy. It's a very common design but on the other hand, cute. Can be worn to any casual occasions.

I love it. It looks good with certain kurtas, dresses, tops even with some saris.I love the uneven arrangements of the neckpiece.

This is a simple set yet has a very traditional design. Looks very good with matching sari.

Last but not the least, a nice 'Hasli' design neckpiece. I had matching earrings but have  misplaced it.

Hope you like my part collection. Do give your valuable comments on how you like it...
See you soon.  

In Love With.... # 1

This post is all about what I am in love with at present... I'll be sharing with you all what I find fancy and are worth giving it a try. Enjoy the pics.

Clinique Clarifying Lotion

VOV Eye & Lip Liner Pencil
(Though I don't think anybody will line their lips with Black :D )

A small Pinky Bucket in which I keep my daily wear lipcolors

This pair of pretty earring is a gift from my Canada by my Aunty.. Thank you so much... I love it.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

My January Vellvette Box

Today I am in a super mood in updating my blog... So I'll be sharing with you all my January Vellvette Box. This was My 1st box and not to be very frank I am not happy with it. I was very excited to see other bloggers showing their Boxes every month. So this January I decided to subscribe my box for just 1 month trial. I really speculated for almost everyday what luxury bands I would receive and started my countdown after the 3rd week of January. I received my box on 28th January and was a bit dissapointed by seeing my box, so didnt feel like sharing with you all ASAP. Althouh better late than never.

This time the box came wrapped in a golden ribbon, but unfortunately I lost it, so cannot show you.
Inside there are small pieces of hard papers describing each product details and prices, one personalised card stating the products in the box and another discount coupons...

So here's my box...

So here are my products

O.P.I. Nail Varnish - Vampsterdam
I am wearing the same Nail Polish in the pic.
(I didn't want any nail polish in my box. I was more dissapointed with this polish because it chipped off within 1 day. Even the local brand nail polishes doesn't chip off within 1 day)

Clinique Clarifying Lotion - 2
(This is basically a toner and the only product in the box that I love)

Nayassa Belgian Chocolate Body Scrub
(Though it smells delicious but that doesnot mean I like it. The Quantity is too less and I think it will get over in only one application for full body)

So I was in two minds whether to subscribe for the February Vellvette Box or not.. and finally made up my mind not to subscribe. 

Would love to hear what you got in your box. 

Bye and See you soon... take care .. Lots of love...  

Faces Eye Shadow Brush

As promised, I am back super soon.. This time I'll be reviewing one of my favorite makeup tool.. Faces eye shadow brush.

Well, I dont possess any of the high end or super expensive makeup brushes. I am always on the look out for other alternative//inexpensive dupes. So here is one of my discoveries and I am totally happy with it.

Price: Rs. 70

My Point of View:

I have been using this brush for almost 2 months or so..Have washed it many times in between. But till now the bristles are in perfect shape and have sheded only one or two hairs. The hairs are soft and has the right amount of hair for ferfect application.

This brush is perfect for all like patting color on the lid to blending out colors or any harsh lines. I am planing to get two more of this.

Handling this brush is also very easy. It has the right size and will not be a problem to hold.One also have a Vega eye shadow brush which I guess costed me about Rs. 60 but it is far inferior in quality compared to the Faces Eye Shadow Brush. The vega one can only be used for patting color on the lid but nothing more than that. But this Faces brush is a multi- functional brush and a must buy for beginners or any person.

Well in this Review I wont summarize the review into Goods and Bads... Because whatever I felt about the brush I wrote it down. But if I have to mention any notable negative point for this brush, then the beginners might find a bit difficulty in blending with this brush. Otherwise its a MUST buy...

Anyways I'll be sharing with you next my January Vellvette box.
Byee and See you soon...

Sunday Look # 2

I had a wedding to attend last Sunday and just before heading out I decided to click a snap. Sharing the picture with you all. I wore a heavy zari silk in green and red with golden zari work.. Although I dont have my full outfit pic but will update it soon because one of my friend took a full snap of me and will take it from her...For the eye I just did a golden and red shadow and kept the face makeup pretty simple with a peach color lipstick. For the jewellery I wore a Nav Ratan Set. As the sari was gorgeous and heavy so kept my jewellery simple and chic :).  

 With Flash

 I would like to hear your comments on my look.. suggestions are always welcome...
See you next time with a review super soon.
till then byee and take care.. Lots of love.


Sunday, 20 January 2013

Sunday Look

Hi there...

Hope you all are doing fine and enjoying your weekend.
For me weekend is only Sunday, coz I do have work on Saturday as well. So this morning I just thought of sharing my smoky eye look that I wore for attending an invitation. Well, this is my 1st FOTD. Sorry for not sharing the the OOTD wit you all. I first did my make-up, clicked couple of photos and then started dressing up. Whatever dress you'll be able to see is my home dress :P.

For the make-up I just did a basic black smokey eye look will nude lips and a bit of blush. I skiped foundation and instead used the Garnier B.B cream.

Have fun and enjoy your weekend... Lots of love...Bye... And see you soon.

Friday, 18 January 2013

Lotus Pure Colors: Carnation

As promised in my previous post here  I am back with a review on one of the 3 lipsticks. All the 3 lipsticks that I bought are soft/ regular/ office ear shades. This is my 1st lotus lipstick from any range. This was totally an impulsive buy. I was just doing my round of window shopping :P and suddenly decided to have a look at the Lotus counter. I told them to show me colors from the lower range first. They were mostly showing too bright or dull colors and insisted me to see the higher range for more color options. But suddenly this color caught my fancy and I ended up buying.

Price: Rs. 245 for 4.2 g.

About the shade:

The shade in the bullet looks like redish orange. But on lips it looks much lighter. The shade is a beautiful mixture of orange and red. We bengalis usually call this shade as "doodh a alta" i.e the color we get when we mix red and white together. As I said when you look at the shade in the bullet it might look a bit dark for office but when applied on the lips it looks perfect. It's a bit sheer on the lips but is buildable. Overall this shade can be worn easily on a day as well as evening outing.

The texture of the lipstick is very soft and creamy. When I came back home and tried the colorbar and this lipstick back to back, I could clearly understand the difference in the texture. The texture of this has a glossy finish. It being creamy, hence it is also very moisturising. A lip balm underneath the lipstick is not necessary unless you have chapped lips.

Staying Power:
As the lipstick is creamy enough, it is not really a long stay color. On the 1st day, I wore the lipstick with a lip liner underneath, it lasted on me for like 3 hrs with just tea in between. I wore it in the morning at around 9 o'clock and when I checked at around 1 pm it was like completely gone leaving behind a light hint.     

  • Lovely Shade
  • Affordable
  • Availability
  • Moisturising

Not So Goods:
  • Staying Power
  • Tend to bleed

Take Care... Bye... And see you soon...

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Haul 1

Well this is my 1st haul post. I wont talk much but will show you what I bought in the last couple of days. None of the products are like expensive or rare but still haul is a haul...
Enjoy the pics... Will be back soon with reviews of the haul.

Oriflame Very Me Blush : Cherry My Cheeks

Garnier B.B Cream

Lotus Pure Colors : Carnation

Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick : Thrilling Pink

Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick : Pretty Please 1

3 Different Colors Together

Bye for now...But will see you SOON....